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Making Changes

May 7, 2013

Time’s rolling on, the weeks that are inevitably seen as numbers 1 through 40 are passing with a slowness, but we’re hitting milestones, getting closer, and I’ve been thinking a lot about making changes. Specifically, changes to myself, my habits, and the environment my kid is going to be brought into. Things like this:

My Fat Ass Needs To Lose Some Weight

A major one for me. At the minute I tip the scale at about 19 stone, and while I’m  6’5″ so it’s sort of spread out a bit, it’s still way too heavy. My aim is to lose as much of that as I reasonably can over the next 6 months. Smaller portions, plenty of exercise and less pigging out at lunchtime when I’m home alone should go a long way towards this. I’m in my late twenties and I want to take advantage of that as a parent. I want to be an energetic, active dad as much as possible. At the minute I’m dangerously close to getting out of puff taking the dogs for a half hour walk. That needs to change.

Clearing Out Clutter

We live in a decent sized house with three bedrooms (two big ones and a tiny office). The spare room will soon become the baby’s room and at the minute it’s full of our junk. I want rid of as much of it as possible, and the rest needs to move elsewhere. It’s really important to me to have the baby’s room be just for the baby, so that means getting rid of the stuff that piles up in a house over the years. I’ve already scoured through piles of CDs, DVDs and books to weed out stuff I don’t want anymore. Whatever survives will go into the little office on some new shelves I’m putting up.

Work Situation

This one is a bit more vague. All that’s really worth mentioning is that I’m working part-time in a pub at the minute. It’s not so bad when I’m there, but I feel incredibly anxious and irritable for the whole day before I go in, and what I’d really like to do is something where I can work from home. It’s all vague notions and dissatisfaction at the moment, but I want to look into proofreading as something I could potentially do that would enable me to be at home when the baby is born. It would actually be hard to earn less than I currently do, so it’s less about the money and more about finding something I’m happier with that doesn’t take me away from the house a couple of nights a week.

Those are the three main things I’d like to get sorted before the 30th October, or whenever our little bundle of sleep-deprivation turns up. Like most people, I don’t have a particularly inspiring track record when it comes to making sweeping changes to my life, but I’m gonna be a dad soon. Shit is real, motivation doesn’t get any more serious, and this is a chance to improve myself as much as it is to get things right for the baby.


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  1. Babies are SO good for lighting a rocket under you. My Sam is still ridiculously laid back, but has actually asked for a pay rise and got it, managed to sort loads of house stuff out,applied and badgered to work at a place he loves even though they weren’t openly recruiting, and also helped me loads with antenatal classes and training up in hypnobirthing with me so he can learn what to do as a birth partner. He finds it so hard to do all that stuff normally, but he’s done it all just because he finally wants to now – and no prompting from me (well, maybe a little bit about the house stuff but none of the rest!). God knows how the baby will affect us once he’s here, but pregnancy has made us stronger as a couple than ever.

    My advice on the house is start early and do a little bit at a time. But definitely start early and keep at it. There will be more to do than you think!


    • Yeah, similar experience here. I guess it’s tied in to the whole nesting instinct thing. And I’m actually really enjoying as well as benefiting from the changes so far. We’ve definitely started early on the house. Job today is do one final space creating pass on my giganto-pile of books and hopefully clear a shelf for ones made of cardboard that have sound effects and stuff.

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